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The Invitation
Wall Quilt, 30" x 30" ©1998

While doing research at the Newberry Library, a long ago friend wrote a poem titled "The Invitation" for me. The poem is under the flag.

The Invitation

Come Amaryllis, let us go
and sport amidst the drowsy shade
for spring has greened the amorous bough
and naked in each dappled glade
lovers' ghosts like pale fires flit
as though pale sun had briefly lit
wind and water through the sibilant trees
where lovers drink their wine by languorous streams,
for you and I among all these
shall pass like lightening through a paling dream.

And our passing shall ignite such flames
as shall all the world amaze
and all the long sombrous wood
shall quicken to our sudden blaze
as if in our loved burned such power
as distilled spring into an hour;
and Pan himself lets fall his flute
when our light leaps from leaf to leaf
while all the trees stand mute
or turn, and in the twilight, weep.

This piece is part of a show called Windy City Blues. For more information about Windy City Blues and the artists who worked on it, take a look at the Windy City Blues site.

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